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Help your make-up last the day and avoid the shine

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Does your make-up lose its shine?

If you are having a summer wedding it is important to look glowing rather than hot and shiny so using products that are oil free or mattifying are ideal. Even if you don’t have oily skin you won’t want to look too shiny for the all important photographs because they won’t be very flattering.

If you have oily skin use an oil free moisturiser first, one suitable for oily or combination skin. Next apply a mattifier after your moisturiser and before your foundation. This puts a barrier between your skin and the foundation and cleverly keeps the shine away from the surface of the skin. Some Primers have built in mattifiers so do two jobs and will help your make-up to stay on too but for very oily skin you may need both)

Use a matte foundation and a powder to set it – add the glow in the form of bronzers and hi-lighters instead of trying to do a ‘dewy’ look which can go shiny and oily looking.

On the wedding day have some Facial Blotting Papers handy and just gently dab over the face to take away the shine – or if you prefer re-apply some setting powder to ensure you are shine free and look gorgeous in your photos and for the rest of the day.