Define your Eyes

Billion Dollar Brows Eyebrow Shaping

billiondollarbrowshedgeendBillion Dollar Brows is a high definition brow treatment from Hollywood. Featuring precision eyebrow shaping using a special tool, waxing to emphasise the brows, optional tinting and finished with make-up for a fantastic look.

Billion Dollar Brows* – amazing brow definition, precision shaping using a shaping tool, small strips of wax, tweezers tint* & /or optional make-up finishing touches.

£20 without Tint – £28 with Tint* (30 – 45 minutes)

* A patch test is required for Tints at least 24 hours before.

Makeovers by Melinda Billion dollar brows before and after pictures - Hedge End, Southampton

I stock Brow products for ladies who are confident to shape their own brows and like to use cosmetics to define their brows for a professional look.

Please see the Billion Dollar Brows Youtube Channel for tutorial videos. I particularly like the Brow Buddy Kit Tutorial & Demo by Billion Dollar Brows video.

Please contact me if you would like to purchase Billion Dollar Brows products.

Eyelash/Eyebrow Tinting

Before & After eyelash tint at Makeovers by Melinda in Hedge End in SouthamptonAn Eyelash Tint is a great way to colour your lashes for that wide-awake look in the morning. Fantastic for ladies with fair lashes or light roots or tips as it gives all over colour and really defines and opens your eyes.

I have black, brown, blue black or black brown

Perfect for mascara free holidays, for those who lack the time to apply mascara daily or if you prefer a more natural look. They look even better when you have a set of my amazing Heated Eyelash Curlers to open up your eyes more fully and give your lashes more length – it’s like an instant lash lift! (Just ask for a demo when you come)

Eyebrow tints are perfect for adding definition to your eyebrows which frame your face. Great for blonde eyebrows or those with fading colour, go as light or as dark as you want.

I have light brown or dark brown – we will discuss which will be best.

Eyelash Tint* – colour lasts 4 – 6 weeks £18 (30 minutes)

Eye Brow Tint*– colour lasts 4 – 6 weeks £12 (15 minutes)

Eyelash Tint & Eye Brow Tint*  £25 (30 minutes)

* A patch test is required for Tints at least 24 hours before


For your Special Occasion, you might like to have strip lashes applied to give you a ‘WOW’ factor.

Choose between Naturally Glam or Subtle Glam for a finishing touch to your eye make-up on the day of your event. Please contact me to discuss other styles.

Strip Lashes: £5 for a set of lashes and £5 for the application.

If you are extra sensitive a patch test is advisable, this can be done at a consultation or if you have a trial.

Strip lashes Subtle Glam
Subtle Glam Strip lashes
Strip lashes Naturally Glam
Naturally Glam Strip Lashes


Balancing, Hydrating or Anti-aging Facials to suit the individual

Makeovers by Melinda home studio productsRelaxing Facials 

We will have a consultation before so I can choose products to suit your skin type.

Includes face, neck and shoulders £35 (50 minutes)

Cleanse, Facial Massage, Exfoliation, Mask, Tone & Moisturise.

Free Skincare Consultations and Advice

Arrange a time to sample some skin care products and find the ones that suit you, with the option to purchase products.

Ayurvedic Natural Lift Facials

makeovers-by-melinda-makeover-studioAyurveda is a specialist massage that helps tone the muscles in the face, reduces stress, eliminates waste by improving lymphatic drainage from tissues, and improves energy levels to restore balance. Ayurveda nourishes not only the face but the whole body enhancing general well-being. Ayurvedic massage focuses on ‘marma points’ which are the body’s vital energy points. The marma points are considered important in promoting balance and stimulating the body’s circulatory, lymphatic and nervous systems.

Ayurvedic Natural Lift & Pampering Facial 

Includes face, neck and shoulders. I will discuss your skin type with you and select suitable products for your skin type. I like to customise the experience for my ladies so it suits their needs at that time.

Cleanse, Exfoliation, deeply relaxing Ayurvedic Face Lifting Massage using essential oils with relaxing and anti-aging properties, Collagen Mask or bespoke choice according to skin type, Tone, Moisturise and Eye Cream plus an Aromatouch Hand Massage using pure tested grade essential oils £45 (1 hour)

“From the minute I enter Melinda’s tranquil beauty room I feel so calm and relaxed. I’m immediately put at ease by her professional approach and amazing knowledge. I feel incredibly relaxed during the wonderful massage and facial. Melinda always gives me time to come back to reality afterwards and I always feel revitalised and sleep better for a few days after. My skin feels plumped and I also have noticed a reduction in some fine lines around my eyes and lips. I always so look forward to my next visit.”
– Ann

Ayurvedic natural lift facials by Makeovers by Melinda in Hedge End in Southampton

Ayurvedic Natural Lift Facial

Includes face, neck and shoulders.

Ayurvedic face lifting massage £25 (25 mins overall treatment)

A course of 6 Ayurvedic facial lifting massage treatments can be booked for maximum results

£125 (6 for the price of 5).

Please contact me for details.

ArōmaTouch Massage

What is the ArōmaTouch Massage?

The dōTERRA ArōmaTouch Technique is a clinical approach to applying essential oils along energy meridians and visceral contact points of the back and feet to help balance the nervous systems of the body. Developed by Dr. David Hill, a leading expert in integrative medicine and therapeutic applications of essential oils, the ArōmaTouch Technique improves well-being by reducing physical and emotional stresses and by support healthy autonomic function. The technique uses dōTERRA Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade (CPTG) essential oils for an unparalleled grounding experience.

The ArōmaTouch Treatment

What happens during the ArōmaTouch Treatment?

The ArōmaTouch Treatment is carried out in specific stages by a certified practitioner. Each stage having its own essential oils.  Each essential oil being applied as part of an aromatherapy massage, with specific hand movements and flows to aid in achievement of the best results possible. With each pairing of oils, eight in total with four paring and distinct stages as a result, your body and mind are taken through cycles that aid you to cleanse, rebuild and heal. The oils in action together create a stronger effect than each one could have in use alone.

An ArōmaTouch Treatment is £35 (allow approximately 40 minutes).



The Benefits of the ArōmaTouch Treatment

Stage 1 – Stress Management

In the first stage stress is the factor being addressed, clearing stress effectively is critical to achieving good health and release stress and thoughts which have been accumulating, therefore, helping you fully relax.

Stage 2 – Immune Support

One of the knock on effects of stress is the reduction of immune efficiency, hence people catch colds and various other illnesses more easily when stressed. Having addressed the issue of stress in stage one it then comes to boosting the immune system in stage 2 and aiding it to work effectively again.

Stage 3 – Healthy Inflamatory Response and Autonomic Nervous System Support

When the immune response is reduced due to stress and toxicity then inflammation can become an issue. So having begun work on clearing stress, and then improving immune action, it comes to a point where inflammation around and within the body can be healed with greater ease.

Stage 4 – Homeostasis

Stage 4 is the final stage of the treatment and the point at which the technique gives the best result possible. Having released, boosted and calmed the body it has an effect of balancing all the body’s systems including your mental and emotional wellbeing, therefore, creating homeostasis. Your body and mind comes into a state where peak condition can occur with ease due to negative factors being cleansed and you will sleep really well.

Please enquire about my ArōmaTouch Treatment via my contact page.

Skincare Consultations

Is choosing the correct skincare a problem for you? Do you find there are so many products to choose from and you don’t know where to start?

I can help with choosing the right products to suit you and your skin by using my 30+ years of experience with caring for skin to recommend some. You will be able to sample them as I take you through how to use them and you will then know how they feel on your face.

My skincare ranges are Mary Kay Cosmetics, Proto-col Health & Beauty and dōTERRA Essential Oils and Wellness

Skincare Consultation £15 for 30 mins or free with any purchase of £15+

Pamper and Play Session

For a fun and informative beauty experience for yourself or shared with one or two friends, how about a Pamper and Play Session where you will have the opportunity give yourself / selves a facial whilst trying various skincare products, a lip treatment and a special hand care treatment followed by the option to purchase (but no obligation)

These are £25 for up to 1 hour or free with any purchase of £25+

Please enquire about my free Skincare Consultations or my Pamper and Play sessions via my contact page.

Personal Make-up Consultations

I offer half hourly Personal Make-up Consultations dedicated to specific areas that you need help with such as:

  • Flawless Face Foundation matching suitable for your skin type or look required
  • Facial Contouring, simple and easy or more advanced
  • All about the Eyes Eyeshadow colours to suit you, tips on a natural eye look, a smokey eye look and more
  • Lovely Lashes to lengthen or thicken lashes, choose the right mascara for your needs – water resistant, waterproof, sensitivity or to avoid smudging
  • Define your brows to complement your face shape and colouring
  • Cheeky Girl bronzers and blushers to enhance your skin tone
  • Luscious Lips bold, glam, glossy, matte or neutral, find out what suits you
  • Patch Testing for sensitive or reactive skin

These are £15 per half hour or free with any purchase over £15 (no obligation to buy)

If you need help with most of these areas you will benefit from a Make-up lesson.

My cosmetic ranges are Mary Kay Cosmetics, Proto-col Health & Beauty, Billion Dollar Brows and Blinc Cosmetics.

Please enquire about my free Make-up Consultations via my contact page.

Mary Kay Cosmetics

Why I use Mary Kay Cosmetics

When I started my business in 2000 I was searching for a company that offered a make-up range as well as skincare products.  After comparing a number of companies I decided Mary Kay Cosmetics had the staying power and quality that I was looking for as well as a wide range to suit all skin types and tones.

The results from using their skincare and make-up products have been wonderful which is why I continue to use them after all these years. The company also keep up with the cosmetic and skincare industry and have won some great awards for their products.
I personally have used them all this time because I love the anti-aging products, my skin feels great and the make-up lasts all day.

I offer a personalised service that works best for you. Just tell me if you’d like a one-to-one consultation, fun with friends, make-up tips, skin care advice or free samples to try before you buy.

Shop online in my Mary Kay Cosmetics shop or order by email/phone.

I’d love to help with your beauty needs – please get in touch via my contact page.

Blinc Cosmetics

Why I like Blinc Cosmetics

Blinc Cosmetics are great for their lasting qualities and perfect for ladies who find their mascara smudges easily even if it’s supposed to be waterproof.  I find they last all day and only come off when you want them too which can be done easily with warm water and gentle pressure.

I have been using blinc heated lash curlers for around 18 years or more and find them fantastic for opening the eyes and curling the lashes whilst lengthening them, giving amazing results. They are like a lash lift without the long laying down time!

I stock some of my favourite blinc products so please contact me to try, or buy. I can arrange postage when necessary.

Heated Lash Curler



Lash_Curler_web_1When lashes are straight, they tend to curtain the eyes and make them look smaller. When they are swept upward, more of the iris is revealed and your eyes seem larger and more brilliant.

Conventional skin-pinching curlers clamp, dent and use excessive pressure that can damage or even break your lashes. Nothing is better than heat to set a long lasting curl. Heat is used to curl the hair on your head…the same principle applies for your lashes.

blinc’s heated lash curler is simple to use and shapes lashes in seconds. Its innovative design delivers a precise amount of heat, while making it easy to reach even the tiniest lashes. Its sleek, compact size makes it easy to carry, even in the smallest of handbags. The lash curler has a temperature control mechanism and protective contact guard ensures its safe use. Your lashes will show extravagant curves that will last all day!

Amplified Mascara

£21.50 Black


wp-1466085369486.jpegAfter almost a decade in development, blinc mascara AMPLIFIED provides incredible, buildable, glamorous volume and length, all while offering the Life Proof properties (i.e. smudge-proof, sweat-proof, water-resistant, flake-proof) of our original blinc mascara, that women have grown to love and depend upon.

As with our original blinc mascara (formerly known as Kiss Me), blinc’s AMPLIFIED mascara coats lashes with a glossy, volumizing and extending coat that forms tiny water resistant “tubes” around the lash. Unlike our original formula, blinc mascara AMPLIFIED applies more like a traditional mascara, giving you the ability to add as many coats as you want to build your desired look! Because it is not as wet of a formula, you can even go back and reapply if needed, after it dries.

Removing blinc mascara AMPLIFIED is just as easy, and requires no makeup remover. Simply apply a little warm water along with some gentle pressure, and the tubes easily slide of your lashes. You will actually see the tiny tubes in your hand as blinc mascara AMPLIFIED comes off without leaving any messy black tint or residue behind.

Blinc Liquid Eyeliner Pen

£21.50 Soft Black Sheen


eyeliner_penblinc is the original liquid eyeliner invented to form a water-resistant “layer of color” that contours your eyes. Since blinc eyeliner is not a cosmetic paint, it cannot smudge, run or flake – even if you cry or rub your eyes. The intense color creates a dramatic look that lasts all day. Only when you are ready, the layer of color will effortlessly slide off your skin into your hand with only the combination of water and gentle pressure. No harsh makeup remover is required.

In an easy to use, convenient, marker-tipped pen, blinc’s liquid eyeliner can be applied with precision. It glides on smoothly and the ultra fine tip provides for extreme accuracy, allowing you to create virtually any look you desire, from a thin classic line, to dramatic, winged looks.

blinc eyeliner is ideal for those with sensitive eyes, contact lens wearers, performers and active people in search of eyeliner whose look, hold and ease of removal is without compromise. Whether your daily activities take you from the office, to your workout and then out to dinner, blinc eyeliner will look as good in the evening as it did when you first applied it in the morning.

blinc eyeliner does not penetrate your skin, leave any tint or residue behind or require harsh makeup removers. This makes blinc healthier for your surrounding eye area, since there is no need to rub the part of your face that is most susceptible to wrinkling. blinc eyeliner delivers the best of both worlds…the hold that you have always wanted and the ease-of-removal that you have always wished for.

Ultrathin Liquid Eyeliner Pen

£21.50 Black


Ultrathin_webblinc is proud to introduce its latest innovation in liquid liners with the blinc ultrathin liquid eyeliner pen. This remarkable new eyeliner boasts a brush of only 0.00876mm, the most precise brush available in the cosmetics industry! This allows it to provide the thinnest, most exact line possible, allowing for unparalleled versatility. blinc ultrathin liquid eyeliner pen cannot fade, smudge or run, even if you cry or rub your eyes.

It glides on smoothly and the ultra fine brush provides for extreme accuracy, allowing you to create virtually any look you desire, from a thin classic line, to dramatic, winged looks. blinc ultrathin liquid eyeliner pen is unique in that it features a brush so thin that it allows you to add intense black color as close to your upper and lower lash line as possible!

blinc ultrathin liquid eyeliner pen water proof, smudge proof and fade proof. It will take you through your busy day and easily into the night with no need to reapply. Only when you are ready, blinc ultrathin liquid eyeliner pen can easily be removed with a swipe of gentle makeup remover.