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Mary Kay Foundation PrimerQuestion

I have sensitive skin and concerned about burning on my wedding day what should I use to protect my skin.


Standing outside for photos on your Wedding Day is usually the time that you may burn on a hot day without realising so if you are sensitive to sun, fair skinned or a redhead you will know that you burn easily which means if you are getting married through the summer you may need to wear products with Spf in to protect your face, chest and possibly shoulders from burning on your wedding day.  

There are so many types of products available other than traditional sun cream. If you are having a very subtle make-up try a B B (beauty balm) cream that has an spf in. BB creams offer lots of benefits including  coverage of a tinted moisturiser giving you a healthy glow but with spf’s varying in levels – 12 and up to 30. There are many on the market so when choosing one do a colour test on the side of your jaw to see which colour blends with your face and neck colour. You can use the BB cream on your neck and chest but be careful as you may get some transferred onto your dress if you get too close to the fabric. Try Maybelline Dream Fresh BB or L’oreal Nude Magique BB cream. If you want more coverage than a BB cream then you could try it under your foundation. Another option when you want more coverage is using a Primer with Spf in. Mary Kay Cosmetics do one that has Spf 15 and also provides a silky layer to apply your chosen foundation on top of to help it last longer. Some traditional and mineral bases also come with an Spf in so keep that in mind when choosing a foundation. When looking after your chest, neck and shoulders and arms consider a traditional sun cream but have a look at the clear sprays that are non greasy and maybe more suitable. Be sure to apply them away from your dress and well before you are due to get dressed to ensure your dress stays fresh. Mary Kay also does a non greasy Hand and Decollete Cream with spf 15 and can be used effectively on the areas you don’t want to burn.

Hopefully these tips will ensure that you have a comfortable and burn free day.